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The old saying, "Hold Your Horses" comes from U.S. origin of the 1800's.  The meaning is "to wait, to slow down, or be patient."  At HOLD MY HORSES WELLNESS RANCH guests will experience the benefits to their own personal wellness by not only holding my horses...but by "holding their own horses" as well.
     By slowing life down, becoming present in the moment and taking time to interact with horses, individuals may experience remarkable changes in their emotional, intellectual, physical, social and spiritual wellness.   



    Hold My Horses Wellness Ranch is a unique place where the stresses of everyday life quietly drift away.  This is made possible by using a combination of skilled mental health counselling techniques and the process of Equine Facilitated Wellness (EFW).
Who can benefit from the services at HOLD MY HORSES WELLNESS RANCH?

     Everyone can benefit from the services.  If you are struggling with the challenges of the daily stresses in your life or perhaps relationship issues with family, friends or co-workers, EFW can help you and those affected by your current state of mind. 
      If you are struggling with very significant issues such as Anxiety, Depression, critical illness, grief, mental health issues, PTSD, addictions, self esteem, trust, anger management and many other challenges that life may give us...EFW can help you and those you love.    
      Children and youth who are at risk emotionally, socially, or behaviorally can really benefit from EFW as it provides an exciting alternative to traditional "in office mental health counselling."  Few children and youth are able to open up and tell "their story" to an adult counsellor sitting in a stuffy office!  What EFW can do for children and youth is truly remarkable. 
What is Equine Facilitated Wellness?

     Equine Facilitated Wellness is a process where a qualified mental health counselor and a horse, or horses, work together with a client to bring about a change in the client's personal wellness.  (To gain a better understanding of EFW please go to the National Association for Equine Facilitated Wellness website for more information www.equinefacilitatedwellness.org ).  

How does EFW work?

      The method which I have developed for use in my EFW program is unique from other equine therapy or equine assisted learning programs in that it is based on my Master of Social Work research and my thesis research results and thus includes attention to all aspects of personal wellness, those being; physical wellness, intellectual wellness, emotional wellness, social wellness and spiritual wellness.  Addressing these five areas of personal wellness are essential for achieving and maintaining one's own happiness. 
      As well, the incorporation of present moment focus, mindfulness or body awareness is  a critical component of my EFW practice.  Scientific research has shown the importance of mindfulness in obtaining personal health benefits.  My EFW program will teach individuals how to use mindfulness in every aspect of their lives and to be able to take that experience back home with them and draw upon it where and when it is most needed.
      It is very difficult to explain the  EFW process quickly in printed word, therefore I encourage you to contact me through email or by phone and I would be more than happy to explain it to you in more detail at no cost to you.  My contact information is on the contact page.


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