My name is Sue Mills and I am very excited to be able to offer guests of Hold My Horses Wellness Ranch the wonderful experience of interacting with horses, which I have always loved so much.  Horses have enriched my life in so many ways. 
     I hold a Master of Social Work Degree from the University of Regina and work as a mental health counselor.  During my Master of Social Work education I focused my training on researching the horse/human interaction. I have read countless academic research journal articles on equine therapy and equine assisted learning programs and the human/animal bond.   As well, my Master of Social Work education experience provided me with an opportunity to advance my knowledge in mental health, individual and family counselling (although I am always advancing my knowledge in this area through professional development opportunities). 
      During my Master of Social Work experience I conducted reasearch and wrote a research thesis paper entitled, "Discovering the Meaning of the Experience of Interacting with Horses " which uncovered the benefits of interacting with horses.  Results of this research showed that interacting with horses improves personal wellness in all five areas of wellness.  These areas are: physical, intellectual, emotional, social and spiritual wellness.   This research largely guides my current EFW practice.
(If you are interested in reading this research click on the link at the bottom of this page.  Or you may see a condensed power point presentation highlighting the key factors of the research.)

     I studied Equine Facilitated Wellness (EFW) in Calgary, AB and Nanaimo, BC under the governing body of the National Association for Equine Facilitated Wellness (see this site for more info  www.equinefacilitatedwellness.org).  

     I also currently work as a Child and Youth Counselor for the Sun West School Division offering counselling to students from Kindergarten to Grade 12 in three different schools within the division.  I have brought EFW to the schools and students that I counsel as part of their counselling program.

     I am married to a wonderful and supportive husband, Glenn, who is also an integral part of my EFW program. I have successfully raised three children, Andrew, Candice and Chance to adulthood and they are all doing well for themselves.

     My involvement with horses began in my childhood. I have spent many years in the saddle enjoying horses. My educational training with horses has been a life-long, on-going program which started out in a 4-H Light Horse Club as a youngster.  I have taken many clinics over the years right from animal behaviour and colt starting, to centered riding and a wide variety of horsemanship clinics.  I look forward to sharing my knowledge and experience with guests. 
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